Monday, February 24, 2014

Hello World!

      On a late summer afternoon while my mother stole a nap, i tip toed into the kitchen. I pulled a chair over to the cool counter and climbed up, griping the chair so that i would not fall. I opened one of the dark wood cabinets and pulled a huge glass bowl from its depths. I set the heavy bowl down as softly as my tiny muscles could manage. The spice rack hung next to me, tempting me with all of its ground goodness and crushed mystery. I reached my little four year old hand over and grabbed a bottle with a red label. I unscrewed the cap in anticipation. Tiny little brown grains flowed into the transparent bowl engulfing me in the heavenly smell of nutmeg. I grabbed another bottle and then another and then another until the spice rack stood empty. I then gripped a spoon and i was stirring surrounded in a haze of spice, certain that i was going to make the most heavenly treat.
A shadow slowly slipped over the counter then my arm then my back. I turned to look at what had made the silent visitor, "mommy look, I'm cooking!".
        I have been cooking ever since. And as with all things cooking has been a journey, discovering new styles and ingredients along the way. My mom was recently diagnosed with Cliac Disease, and being the cook in the family i had the chance to learn and change my cooking styles and recipes. I realized that there was a need for good gluten free recipes. So i created this blog to share those gluten free recipes with you. I hope you enjoy and bon appetite!

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